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Natalie Dormer: SDCC 2014 Portraits by Entertainment Weekly

Natalie Dormer: SDCC 2014 Portraits by Entertainment Weekly


Rosamund Pike photographed for LK Bennett.


Rosamund Pike photographed for LK Bennett.


Kitchiz (28€) by Undiz


Delpozo Spring 2015 Details 


Delpozo Spring 2015 Details 

An open letter to every boy I ever loved (or thought I might)


You were the first.

and it wasn’t serious then

and then it was.

We were on and off

on and off

like waves hitting the shore.

And I loved you.

and I didn’t tell you.

I was cruel to let you drive me in your car and kiss me goodnight and never tell you that.

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.


You were the first person who I thought might work.

You picked me

and I trusted you because of that,

but it all fell away and what was left was embarrassing.

for you and for me.


I remember walking out of my way so that I’d run into you

and I loved when I’d hear your laughter down the hall. 

I was so excited by the possibilities of it,

but slowly I learned our personalities separated

like oil and water.

You didn’t see it

even when I told you.

You pleaded for me to change my mind, but I couldn’t.

I know you’re doing great things and someday you’d find someone great to have on your arm. It just couldn’t be me.


The way you looked at me was amazing.

I really thought this could be it.

We seemed to have so much in common.

You were like smooth water

still and calm and constant

and I was ready to jump in.

But you wouldn’t catch me.

I needed you to set off a spark

to grab me in the dark

so I’d know

but we never set flame.


You were so good to me

and I think if we’d had more time something would have happened.

You wanted it,

but you held back.

You waited around.

and I waited too.

We made sense,

but you gave me everything that I wanted

and I knew I didn’t deserve it.

You’re going to end up with a hot blonde wife and I hope to God she treats you how you deserve to be treated.


We were a small fire.

Your words sparked my curiosity,

but your voice didn’t quite match.

When I think of you,

I think of your hands

and moonlight swimming,

metal and self-destruction.


I fell so deep into you

I didn’t know how to crawl out.

I was so attracted to everything about you.

I would’ve drown in you.

and after it ended I couldn’t eat for week.

You kissed me hard and left.

I felt it in the pit of my stomach that I’d never see you again.


You were fun.

You sang off key.

You made me laugh. 

but I was fine to see it end.

That other girl suited you better

and apparently I scared you anyway.


You were so unexpected.

Not what I was looking for,

but everything I needed.

You pushed me to be better.

You weren’t afraid to say no to me. 

You kissed me all over

and told me your dreams. 

and you teach me something everyday.

I’ll spend my life by your side and it’s so easy.